Foods you didn’t know could give you food poisoning

Did you know that a lot of the food you consume on a daily basis can actually be the cause of food poisoning? It is quite possible that some of your favorite foods are on the list. So be careful what you eat and most importantly how it is prepared. The main cause of food poisoning is actually the way the food is prepared.

  • Red Kidney Beans

Red kidney beans have lectin in them. What lectin is is a protein that can cause vomiting and diarrhea when not destroyed by heat.

How can you avoid this? Cook the red beans in boiling water for around half an hour instead of just soaking them. Do not use slow cooker since the temperature isn’t high enough and you need a pretty high one to destroy the lectin.

  • Pastries Filled with Cream

You are probably shocked about this one. Pastries, as we all know, are prepared by hand without baking which means they don’t go through the heat to kill the bacteria. You should trust that whoever is preparing them has washed his hands.

  • Cucumber

Cucumbers can be a huge reason for salmonella poisoning. When you think about it you don’t cook them so whatever is on the peel you consume it. Even if you peel the cucumber, your knife will pick the germs and will transfer it to other things you cut.

How can you avoid this? No matter if you eat the peel or not, make sure you scrub the cucumber with water and a brush.

  • Melons

You probably do not wash melons. People think that since the peel is so thick they don’t need to rinse it when they consume the fruit. But when you are slicing it with a knife the blade picks the germs on the peel and transfers it to the inside of the fruit.

How can you avoid this? Rinse and scrub the melon before you start cutting it.

  • Green Salads

Wash them! This is very important. Green salads have a lot of bacteria in them that can cause serious food poisoning. I have had one myself caused by them. It was a disaster – I had a high temperature, I was vomiting and many more terrible things you definitely do not want.

Leafy green salads aren’t cooked so they need to be washed properly.

How can you avoid this? Bacteria stick to lettuce and other green salads. Simply washing them isn’t enough. It does get rid of dirt and reduced the risk but isn’t enough to fully get rid of the dangerous bacteria. It is recommended to triple-wash the lettuce before you consume it. Fill a bowl with cold water, tear the leaves and put them in there. Leave them there for a minute or two and repeat this step three times.

  • Chicken Liver

Chicken liver can be filled with a bacteria called Campylobacter. When eaten lightly sautéed and not cooked properly it can be very dangerous.

How can you avoid this? Cook chicken liver on a temperature that has reached 165° F and is careful with recipes and restaurants offering it sautéed.