How To Remove Bug Stains?

Insects stains can completely ruin your clothes, upholstered furniture, or even your carpet. In order to avoid further damage then you need to remove those brown stains.

Thankfully, removing bug stains is not that hard – and you don’t need any fancy cleaners.

How To Remove Bug Stains From Clothes?

All you need is oxygen-based bleach. It’s such a powerful yet gentle product. Of course, you need to dilute it with water so that it’s not so strong.

Also, make sure to read the instructions on the back of the bottle. You need to follow whatever it’s written.

Once you dilute the bleach you can soak the clothing item in there and leave it overnight. Then, the next morning, inspect whether the stain is removed completely. If it is – washes the clothing piece as usual. If it isn’t – soak it in bleach again!

Do not use this method if the fabric of your clothes is wool or silk.

How To Remove Bug Stains From Carpet or Upholstery?

Now, start off with removing the insect – scoop it with a spatula. Do not remove it with a paper towel because you might drive the stain even deeper.

Then, in order to treat the brownish stain, you should mix two cups of warm water with two teaspoons of liquid soap. Then dip a cloth in there (you can also use a sponge) and start treating the stain. Gently blot and be careful – you do not want to spread the stain.

Once you are done blotting dip another cloth in water and rinse the area. You need to remove the soapy residue completely because it might attract dirt and impurities.

If the stain remains then move to using an oxygen-based bleach. Again, dilute it in water and dip a sponge in the mixture.

Start treating the stain by blotting it. Then let the bleach for 30 minutes before removing it with a clean damp cloth.