The key to efficient wood floor cleaning

Wood floors are beautiful and very stylish. What is more they require much less maintenance than other flooring solutions like carpets for instance. This does not mean that you do not have to know certain things in order to make sure the freshly installed wood floors in your home are going to preserve their excellent looks in the years to come. Proper cleaning and maintenance logically is the key to all that.

In order to have perfectly clean wood floors you neither need expensive chemical cleaning products nor state of the art tools. All you need is a simple homemade solution that combines three positives and has no drawback at all – it is highly efficient, it is one hundred per cent environment friendly and it is a lot cheaper than any cleaning product you can purchase from the store.

The solution in question consists of apple cider vinegar (a quarter of a cup) mixed with warm water (one gallon) in a bucket. It takes no time to prepare, but you will not be able to find a more efficient and easily accessible solution on the market today. Actually, finished floors can easily be cleaned only with water. You should have in mind however that over time finish wears down and every once in a while you will be required to re-finish the surfaces.

When you prepare the vinegar and water mix, you can proceed with the actual cleaning of your beautiful wood floors. Before starting the washing procedure, carefully remove any dust and dirt particles from the surface by vacuuming or dust mopping it. Then get the bucket with the ready mix and a flat mop with microfiber cover and clean your hardwood floor. If it sounds easy that is because the whole process cannot truly be any easier. The only thing you should be very careful about is not to get your floors too wet. Wood tends to shrink and deform due to moisture, and you would want to avoid such a thing at all cost.

At least once (preferably two times) a year get your local cleaning company to thoroughly clean your home including your precious wood floors. Professional cleaners like Cleaning Services Highgate use methods, products and tools that deep clean every surface and preserve it for much longer periods of time. Now you know everything there is about cleaning wood floors. What are you waiting for? Get down to work.