Try These 2 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks

Have you ever tried out any cleaning hack you find online? I know I have! I have tried out almost every single one I have seen since I am extremely curious to find out which ones work and which ones don’t. And even if some will waste your time – there are a lot of brilliant hacks which I use every single day.

If you have never tried any and you want to know some that are worth your time then keep on reading because there two hacks I am about to share with you will blow your mind!

Try These 2 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks – You Won’t Regret It

– Clean Your Dirty Oven With Vinegar And Baking Soda

If your oven is in terrible condition and there is build-up, greasy stains, burnt food, and all sorts of impurities on the interior then it’s time to clean it. But since you probably don’t want to waste a lot of time scrubbing it I will show you a cleaning method that you will love.

We all know that baking soda and vinegar cause a reaction – fizzing. That is exactly why we will use them to clean our dirty oven – because this fizzing reaction will replace the scrubbing we otherwise have to do!

It’s simple – sprinkle the interior of your oven with baking soda. Then dilute the vinegar you will use with water, pour it in a spray bottle and spray the mixture over the baking soda.

Wait for 15 minutes. You can close your oven door if the reaction is annoying you. Then, grab a cloth and wipe the interior of your appliance with it. All dirt and impurities will be easily removed!

– Remove Limescale With Lemons

Limescale and hard water stains are pretty annoying and they can completely ruin the look of your bathroom. Thankfully, you can get rid of them by rubbing half a lemon on the affected areas, letting the juice sit for 15 minutes then rinsing with warm water, and drying the surface with a cloth.